I have a practice management system that tracks my controlled substances use. What benefits would I have from using this system?

eDruglog allows you to not only know who is using what drug for whom and how much, but exactly when it’s being used, from which exact bottle, all in real time. So, at any point if there is a question of medications that are unaccounted for, you’d be able to immediately view the entire history of that specific use.

I am a solo practitioner, do I really need something like this? No one ever accesses the drugs other than myself.

Ask yourself if you need to spend hours filling out logbooks, organizing paperwork, calculating inventory and documenting everything. eDrugLog can do all of that for you with a couple of clicks. Feel free to take advantage of the free trial version to see how easy it is to access the information you need and how much of a time saver it can be for you.

Is this software DEA compliant?

Yes, DEA’s recordkeeping requirements are listed in the resources section below. Electronic recordkeeping of controlled substances is already being used by some practice management systems. However, those systems do not have the unique ability to track usage with such detail and specificity in real time.

I have multiple associates that work under my DEA registration. Will each person need to subscribe separately?

eDrugLog is built so that you can customize the level of access of the users. Only the DEA registrant will be allowed to check, add, or edit inventory (unless he/she specifically authorizes others to do so). The DEA registrant is the account holder and has complete access and control over what the other users are able to do within the system.

What level of security does this system have? Who will have access to my records?

Only the account holder has complete access to the records unless he/she authorizes other individuals to do so. Each user has a unique username, password, and PIN, allowing the system to log any use in real time with a time/date stamp and identifier of the user.

I need to create reports. Does your software produce reports?

Our software has reporting capabilities that are able to be exported out of the software. The reports are compatible with Excel allowing users the ability to view and customize their reports.

How long may I access my DEA records?

Your records will be maintained for at least 2 years. Depending upon your needs, you will have the option of accessing your records for a small fee for an unlimited period of time.

Is my practice information secure?

Yes, our product is cloud-based and hosted on a secure server. Furthermore, use of the app requires a two-step verification process.